Sankar Traders ( Organic Farms)

Organic Rice, cooking oils, Various Dal, Provisional items, Kambu, Ragi powder, Saamai, Thinai, Solam and all seeds for cultivations.

We have our owned rice mill, oil mill and farm land to cultivate organic Products. It’s 100% pure without any chemical to preserve the food product for long term storage. Our mill and products already for quality certificate.

1. All type of rices
2. Olive Oil, Groundnut oil, Mustard Oil, Sesame Oil, Coconut oil available
3. All type of Dal
4. All type of special food products like Kambu, Ragi, Solam, saamai, Thinai etc
5. Brown sugar and Panai vellam
6. All type of provisional items
7. Red chillis

All type of Organice food products are available.

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Bazar Street, Thellar
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